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Restaurants Canada advocates for restaurants facing ‘unintended consequences’ of vaccine passports

Restaurants Canada continues to call for government support to help food-service businesses manage the added challenges that vaccine certificate/passport systems are placing on their operations, and will keep its members updated as this advocacy progresses.

In an update to members, the association said, “After the past 18 months of cycling in and out of indoor dining shut downs, we know that you are eager to do whatever you can to keep your establishments open. Across the country, we have seen the rollout of vaccine certificate/passport systems being used as a tool that can help prevent lockdowns.

“Unfortunately, you are resulting in some unintended consequences for restaurants including:

  • Placing another administrative burden on restaurants, adding to the unprecedented staffing challenges you are already facing.
  • Restaurants facing backlash from segments of the public who oppose vaccine certificate systems.”

Email communications from the association’s regional vice-presidents provide the most up-to-date available information pertaining to specific regions of Canada.


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