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Report urges restaurants to offer coupons to prompt return visits

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Toronto – More than 70 per cent of consumers dine out up to 10 times per month, but only half of those people receive offers to prompt return visits, says a new industry report from technology company Eagle Eye.

The report, released by Eagle Eye, a software-as-a-service digital marketing provider, reveals a significant shift in Canadian consumer dining habits and their attitudes toward food and beverage brands, presenting new revenue opportunities for Canadian businesses heading into 2019.

Changing Tastes & Flavours: Canadians’ Attitudes Toward Food and Beverage Brands Are Changing. Are F&B Operators Moving Fast Enough? suggests that even with the global economy’s unpredictability and fast-paced technological developments, the Canadian food and beverage sector has remained resilient.

Based on a survey conducted by Eagle Eye of 2,000 Canadian consumers and over 200 food and beverage professionals, the report looks at the relationship between how consumers engage with establishments across the country, and whether operators are equipped with the right tools and technology to meet those expectations.


Key consumer statistics include:

  • 71% have a meal outside of their home up to 10 times per month
  • Younger generations and working professionals dine out more frequently, up to 20 times per month
  • 62% of consumers spend up to $30 per visit
  • 30% of Canadian consumers are currently members of a restaurant loyalty program
  • 13% of Canadians use third-party delivery services like Uber Eats to order from restaurants, rather than through the restaurant directl

But while dining out remains at an all-time high for consumers, new data shows that many restaurant operators are failing to engage with consumers, and losing out on revenue opportunities in the process:

  • 38% of consumers have not received communications from a restaurant brand in the past 3 months
  • Only 22% have received a personalized offer to prompt a first time-visit
  • 35% have received an offer to prompt a return visit
  • 60% of consumers would return for another visit if offered a coupon
  • Only 30% of operators use technology, data and insights to identify their customers through promo codes, card payments or loyalty memberships

The report also speaks to major challenges F&B operators face across Canada. Fraud continues to impact the industry, with 79 per cent of operators experiencing customer- and staff-related fraud. Also, 36 per cent of restaurant owners struggle with rising costs, but is most prominent among independently operated businesses and those in operation for 20-plus years. Staff turnover can be as high as 200-300 per cent in a given restaurant.

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