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Report explores COVID-19 effect on mental health for retail and hospitality

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The Mental Health Commission of Canada has published a report looking at the ways COVID-19 has affected hospitality and retail workplaces.

In its October 2021 roundtable the MHCC examined some of the ways this workforce has been affected.

The one-day event gave participants the chance to discuss workplace mental health and the many ways COVID-19 has affected their workforce. It also explored the kinds of resources they need to help their staff get through this current period and beyond.

Main themes from the break-out sessions included:
heavy workloads and labour shortages
the importance of well-being
the necessity for more training
the need for a range of communication methods
the difficulty of distributing resources to all staff
the requirement for legislation


The summary report – How the Pandemic is Affecting the Workforce: Retail and Hospitality Roundtable – provides key findings from the feedback,  insights gathered at the event and a list of resources for employers. It is meant to inform organizations and associations on areas that must be addressed to improve mental health for the industry.

Download the full report.

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