Pizza, Korean-Style

Korean BBQ Pork Pizza
Don Letendre
October 21, 2014
By Don Letendre
Don Letendre, corporate chef at Neapolitan Famoso Pizzeri’s Vancouver location, shares his recipe for an inimitable, Korean-inspired sweet and salty pizza that should wake up taste buds.

Credit: Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria


  • Preheat oven to 260 C (500 F)
  • Stretch out 1 x 10 oz. dough
  • Add 2 fl. oz. of Korean barbecue sauce (chogochujang) and spread evenly over pizza dough
  • Add 2 oz. fior di latte, break up and spread evenly over pizza
  • Add 3 oz. pulled pork, spread evenly over pizza. (See spice rub instructions, brine instructions and pork butt cooking procedure, below)
  • Add 1 oz. grated medium aged cheddar cheese, spread evenly over pizza
  • Add 1 fl. oz. of hoisin sauce, dot onto pizza evenly
  • Add 2 oz. thinly sliced green onions, spread evenly over pizza
  • Cook until crust has speckled, about 2 minutes


  • Brown sugar    50 g
  • White sugar    60 g
  • Smoked paprika    60 g
  • Granulated garlic powder    40 g
  • Salt    60 g
  • Cumin    32 g
  • Chili powder    1 tsp.
  • Cayenne pepper    1 tbsp.
  • Dried oregano    0.5 tbsp.
  • Ground white pepper    1 tsp.
  • Collect all ingredients and equipment
  • Place all ingredients into the stainless steel bowl
  • Mix ingredients with a whisk
  • Once mixed, take your fingers and run through spiced to ensure all spices have broken down and are well mixed.
  • Store in an airtight container in a cool dark cupboard up to 3 months.
Note: Ensure spices are broken down and well mixed


  • Preheat oven to 250 C (482 F)
  • Use a cocotte pot big enough to hold the piece of pork butt
  • Place 3 large carrots cut in half lengthways, on the bottom of the pot
  • Then place the pork butt on top of the carrots. This prevents the pork butt from touching the bottom of the pan.
  • Place lid onto cocotte pot and place in the oven.
  • Cook for 3-4 hours, or until meat starts to fall apart by pulling away with the end of fork
  • Internal temperature should read at least 195 C (383 F)
  • Pull pork out of the oven, take the lid off the pot and let the pork cool enough to handle
  • Take two dinner forks and start to pull at the meat, shredding it
  • Let the meat completely cool. Wrap and place in fridge for future use
  • You will only need 3 oz. per pizza. Whatever you do not use, place in freezer bag and freeze for up to 1 month


  • Water    2 L
  • Salt    20 g
  • Sugar    60 g
  • Star anise    3 pieces
  • Coriander seeds    1 tsp.
  • Fennel seeds    1 tsp.
  • Pork butt    1 kg
  • Collect all ingredients and equipment.
  • Place 2 L of water in the pot on high heat
  • Place salt and sugar in the water, then stir with whisk
  • Place the fennel seeds, star anise, coriander seeds in the pot of water, bring to rolling boil, then remove from heat.
  • Strain brine, collecting all the spices. Place remaining 2 L of water in two food storage containers. Let cool to room temperature
  • Place pork butt in a container big enough to hold the 1 kg pork butt. You must ensure that all pork is submerged in brine
  • Cover and store in fridge at 4 C (39 F) overnight.
  1. Make sure brine is completely cooled before adding the pork butt
  2. To accelerate the cooling process, place pot in an ice bath, stirring constantly until it reaches 30 C (86 F), then strain
  3. HACCP/CCP rules – store in a cooler at 4 C (39 F)

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