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Recipe: Pastiera Napoletana Sandwich Cookies

By Viviana Marrocoli, Pure Flour From Europe   

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Photo: Pure Flour From Europe

Los Angeles – Looking for a new product to introduce to your customers? Try this delicate Pastiera Sandwich Cookie recipe shared by the Italian Milling Industry Association (ITALMOPA).

Italian Chef Viviana Marrocoli has transformed Neapolitan pastiera into individual cookies featuring organic soft wheat flour and organic semolina.

“The much-loved Easter pie is filled with sweet ricotta, soaked whole wheat grains and fragrant orange flower scent and served as heavenly slices,” Chef Marrocoli said. “Our pastiera-filled cookies combine the love and perfection of crisp North American cookies with the most traditional of Italian Easter desserts.”

Considered a mainstay at Italian Easter celebrations, the Neapolitan pastiera dessert is steeped in mythology and cultural history. Legend has it that a mermaid named Parthenope, who chose the Gulf of Naples as her home, gave Naples its name and created the pastiera with seven gifts of nature: flour, ricotta cheese, eggs, soft wheat berries, orange blossom water, spices and sugar.


Try the Pure Flour from Europe Pastiera Sandwich Cookie recipe.

The group is sharing its chef’s recipe part of its Pure Flour from Europe campaign, co-funded by the European Union.

“You can feel good feeding those you love foods made with organic flour and organic semolina from Italy and the European Union,” said Piero Luigi Pianu, director of ITALMOPA. “Our products are milled from pesticide- and additive-free grain and grown in soil fertilized only by natural substances. The organic farming methods, which have been employed since ancient times, guarantee the health of the soil and follow the natural cycle of the seasons. This rigorous commitment to human health and environmental sustainability results in better-tasting and more nutritious Italian organic soft, durum wheat flours and semolina.”

Founded in 1958 and based in Rome, ITALMOPA represents 82 companies across Italy that mill soft and durum wheat to produce flour and semolina for pasta, bread, pastries, pizza and more. Learn more at

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