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RAPiZZA ‘fusion’ pizza launches seven locations in Ontario

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Mississauga, Ont. – Fusion pizza chain RAPiZZA has officially launched seven outlets in Ontario.

RAPiZZA, which derives its name by combining the words “rapid” and “pizza” fuses together flavours from India, Korea, Japan, the Middle East and Mexico.

They offer traditional pizzas such as pepperoni and also multicultural favourites such as Malai Tikka, Palak Paneer and the Butter Chicken pizza. Also on the menu are wings, sandwiches and desserts.

Specialies include the Navaratan Vegetarian Pizza featuring Korma gravy, paneer crumbled, mixed vegetables, pineapple, jalapeno and fried almonds, and the Malabar Coast Pizza featuring stir-fried beef, coconut gravy, toasted coconut, mozzarella peppers and red onion.


“We had an idea to bring back a level of happiness through food, where we can instantly take people back to a simplistic moment of joy that starts with their taste buds,” CEO Vernon D’Mello said. “For many people, one taste can remind them of their childhood and fond memories from a happy place in their memories…. We want our customers to experience the taste of sophisticated international cuisines in the comfort of a pizza.”

Plans are underway for a line of vegan pizzas.

Initial locations launched in December 2020. Currently there are seven locations in Ontario cities: Mississauga, Brampton, Waterloo, Vaughan and Burlington.

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