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Raillo shares toasted wheat grain crust tips

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Simcoe, Ont. – These wonderful photos featuring a toasted wheat grain crust were too good not to share in their entirety! They come to us courtesy of Carlo Raillo, two-time Canadian Pizza Chef of the Year and the winner of last year’s special Champion of Champions Challenge.

The flour uses a toasted grain from wheat called Grano Arso, or smoked wheat, Raillo says. “The flour has a good protein content and also a large amount of mineral salts. It’s a great alternative to white flour for the health conscious. It pairs well with pork sausages, shellfish such as clams and mussels, as well as asparagus.”

The technique to make this kind of dough is called  autolyse. This technique you use for this flour beucase its very strong It  gives the dough a taste thats stronger. The  dough has a toasted hazelnut flavour and a slight coffee taste as well, he adds.

Raillo uses an autolyse technique to make the flour. “You use this technique for this flour because it’s very strong and it gives the dough a taste that’s stronger. The dough has a toasted hazelnut flavour and a slight coffee taste as well,” he says.

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