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‘Porta’ Italian meal delivery service launches in Ontario

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Toronto – Cosimo Mammoliti and family have launched an Italian meal delivery service called Porta that brings ready-to-cook traditional Italian food directly to customers’ homes.

Mammoliti and his family, who have operated a dozen restaurants, bakeries and shops across North America, including  Terroni, Sud Forno and Spaccio.

“While restaurants were closed during the pandemic, we learned a lot about our customers’ desire to replicate parts of the dining out experience in their own homes,” said Mammoliti, one of the founding partners of Porta. “Even though they couldn’t visit us in our eateries, they still wanted restaurant-quality Italian food made with real ingredients. So, I challenged our chefs to start thinking about how we could bring restaurant-quality Italian food to more tables across the country.”

Porta uses a Roman-style pizza dough called Stirata, which ‘results in a light and crispy dough even in the most unforgiving of home ovens.’


The subscription will offer eight different pasta dishes, eight different pizzas and four desserts to start. Porta uses a Roman-style pizza dough called Stirata, which results in a light and crispy dough even in the most unforgiving of home ovens.

“Porta offers something that doesn’t exist in the market today – an elevated dining experience that saves people time, effort and the dreaded clean up,” explains Jason Cassidy, founding general manager.

Each menu item is made fresh by chefs and then flash frozen to protect its rich flavours and make it easy to store at home. Customers take it out of the freezer and cook it in 15 minutes or less, with little to no preparation or clean up required.

Porta’s subscription service through the website allows Ontarians to choose between three delivery frequency options: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Subscribers can always change their frequency or even skip a week, and they can cancel at any time. Pizzas are $11.99, pastas (two servings) are $18.99 and the dessert pack (four servings) is $13.99.

Porta has partnered with BrandProject to provide seed funding and operational expertise to support the business.

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