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Pizza tops google searches for takeout food worldwide

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Pizza has been named the clear winner in a recent study of what foods hungry people in more than 100 countries search for the most.

In the study carried out by British insurance company MoneyBeach, 44 countries favoured pizza over other foods. Chinese takeaways claimed second place, being favoured by 29 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Sushi ranked as the third most popular takeout choice in the world, hinting that healthier choices do still feature in our delivery app order histories.

Takeout choice and number of countries that search for it the most

Pizza 44
Chinese 29
Sushi 10
Fish and Chips 6
Fried Chicken 5
Indian 4
Korean 3
Thai 2
Tapas 1
Tacos 1

See the MoneyBeach website for colour-coded maps showing the most popular takeout foods worldwide and in North America (note Canada’s top takeout food according to the report is fish and chips).


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