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Pizza Pizza Premieres Whole-Wheat Multigrain Pizza Crust

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Fortified with Omega 3

Fortified with Omega 3

Pizza Pizza has recently introduced a pizza crust made from whole-wheat multigrain dough that is a source of Omega-3. Pizza Pizza is the first large restaurant concern to introduce a pizza crust fortified with this life-essential nutrient.

The multigrain dough, which will replace Pizza Pizza’s highly popular whole-wheat crust, is expected to be even more successful because of superior taste and health benefits. The new dough combines extra virgin olive oil, pure amber honey and adds whole grains: oat flakes, sunflower seeds, wheat germ and flax. The flax provides the source of Omega 3, which is deemed a heart-healthy fatty acid. The multigrain dough and Pizza Pizza’s “Classic” traditional crust are both trans fat free and made with extra virgin olive oil.


Recent studies show that heart-healthy grains such as those featured in Pizza Pizza’s whole-wheat multigrain dough can provide significant health benefits.

“We are deeply committed to providing consumers with healthy alternatives, because, as a company, Pizza Pizza recognizes the importance people place on maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet,” said Paul Methot, vice-president of commissary and distribution at Pizza Pizza Ltd. “Our top priority is to continually improve the healthy aspects of all our products, and the introduction of the new multigrain dough is in keeping with this goal.”

Methot said that throughout the testing process Pizza Pizza’s product development team was charged with the difficult task of developing a health-enhanced product that did not compromise taste quality. “We found that the multigrain dough could combine the attributes of Omega-3 and maintain its superior taste appeal,” he remarked. “We’re proud of all of our product innovations, and believe consumers will be pleased with this healthier alternative.”

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