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Pizza Hut uses ‘pizza refund’ as marketing tool

April 22, 2015
By Canadian Pizza

April 22, 2015, Plano, TX – Pizza Hut brought some levity to the 2015 tax season by letting customers redeem their 2014 pizza return through its “Pizza Hut National Pizza Return” promotion.

Sample questions include: Are you the head of all pizza orders? How many pizza dependents do you have? How much time at work do you spend pizza browsing online?

Fans were invited to visit to download and fill out the “Pizza Hut National Pizza Return” form. Similar to a regular tax return, filers may receive Pizza Hut gift cards in the amount of their net pizza return.  

“Unless you’ve got a big return coming your way, tax season can be a time of dread for people across the country,” said Jared Drinkwater, vice-president of marketing for Pizza Hut, in a news release.


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