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Pizza from a vending machine?

Laura Aiken   

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News reports have been flying for a little
while about Let’s Pizza, the vending machine in Italy that dispenses pizza. Are
we that pressed for time as a society that we need “push-button” pizza?

It sounds like it might taste like
cardboard, but actual taste buds in various reports are reviewing it as
satisfactory. There can be no denying the technology is as phenomenally futuristic
as it comes. The Let’s Pizza machine uses infra-red rays and mechanics to knead
flour and water into dough, spread sauce, lay a topping, cook it and fire it
out to the waiting customer in under three minutes. It’s like watching Back to
the Future 3 and its über-microwavable food.

Clearly, a pizzeria is going to prepare a
better pizza, but a machine like this might lure those who put cheap and
convenient at the forefront of taste and service. Patrons who used to drop in
for a slice may opt to drop in on the Let’s Pizza machine instead. However, a
machine cannot replace customer service, small talk or smiles. In a world where
social online forums are increasingly replacing human contact, it would be
shame to limit these moments in time even further.  


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