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Pizza communities come together for Women in Pizza Month

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I Need Pizza Club, a social audio community of pizza professionals and home pizza makers, together with Women in Pizza, will host a month-long series of live conversations to celebrate #WomensPizzaMonth in March featuring successful women in the pizza world.

Listeners will learn from talented and inspiring women who are shaping the pizza industry with their passion, creativity and innovation.

I Need Pizza Club’s daily live audio shows will feature a different guest every Monday through Friday throughout the month. The conversations are being held in collaboration with two celebrated initiatives: Women in Pizza and #WomensPizzaMonth.

The I Need Pizza Club’s live audio shows can be listened to live via the Clubhouse app or linked from Short descriptions of each show are available on the website. In the future, the shows will be available as podcasts.

The schedule of shows is as follows:
Pizza Industry Convos (Mondays 9 p.m. EST) hosted by Michael Fox (@ineedpizzaclub)
On the third Monday of every month Melissa Rickman (@melissa_greenblatt_rickman) hosts a State of the Industry conversation.
The Pizza Hustle (Tuesdays 9 p.m. EST) hosted by Eidref Laxa (@whatsgooddough) & Jen Del Greco (@jendelgreco)
Home Pizza Making Idea Exchange (Wednesdays 9 p.m. EST) hosted by Christy Alia (@realcleverfood) & Jim Henry (@Jimmyhank_pizza)
Pizza Roundtable (Thursdays 9 p.m. EST) hosted by Will Dumas (@funniewill)
Pizza Cultura (Fridays 1 p.m. EST/7 p.m. Italy) hosted by Giuseppe A. D’Angelo (@pizza.dixit), Tommaso Semini (@londonerinnewyork) and Stephanie Swane (@sswane).

Here is a complete list of guests by date and show with the link for the I Need Pizza Club on Clubhouse:

Wednesday: 3/1/23 – Home Pizza Making Idea Exchange: Vickie Lopez @DoughBalling
Thursday: 3/2/2023 – Pizza Roundtable: guest co-host Dani Garcia-White, Yukon Pizza
Friday: 3/3/23 – Pizza Cultura: Clara Cavalli, Love, Life and Pizza
Monday: 3/6/23 – Pizza Industry Convos: Melinda Carbajal, Simply Pizza Truck
Tuesday: 3/7/23 – The Pizza Hustle: Shealyn Coniglio, Coniglio’s
Wednesday: 3/8/23 – Home Pizza Making Idea Exchange: Liz @Kairos__Pizza
Thursday: 3/9/2023 – Pizza Roundtable: Anna Crucitt, Mercurio’s Artisan Gelato and Neapolitan Pizza
Friday: 3/10/23 – Pizza Cultura: Gabrielle Hamelin, No. 900
Week of 3/13/23
Monday: 3/13/23 – Pizza Industry Convos: Cristina Smith, State of Mind
Tuesday: 3/14/23 – The Pizza Hustle: Alexandra Spinale, Pizza Project Boston
Wednesday: 3/15/23 – Home Pizza Making Idea Exchange: Bonnie O’Hara @alchemybread
Thursday: 3/16/2023 – Pizza Roundtable: guest co-host Mary Ann Giannone, Paulie Gees
Friday: 3/17/23 – Pizza Cultura: Allison Leroux, Amadio’s
Monday: 3/20/23 – Pizza Industry Convos: Bridget Baskin, Patty’s Gourmet Pizza
Tuesday: 3/21/23 – The Pizza Hustle: Kira Zabrowski, Much Ado About Pizza
Wednesday: 3/22/23 – Home Pizza Making Idea Exchange: Help Desk w/ Christy @RealCleverFood
Thursday: 3/23/2023 – Pizza Roundtable: Erin Ruszaj, Slice Out Hunger
Friday: 3/24/23 – Pizza Cultura: Cheryl Crawford, Righteous Slice
Week of 3/27/23 (Pizza Expo Week)
Monday: 3/27/23 – Pizza Industry Convos: Mya Anitai, Franny’s Pizzeria
Tuesday: 3/28/23 – The Pizza Hustle: Jhy Coulter, Devoured
Wednesday: 3/29/23 – Home Pizza Making Idea Exchange: Guest Host Alexis @FindMeInTheSun
Thursday: 3/30/2023 – Pizza Roundtable: Janet V. Zapata, 550 Degrees Pizzeria
Friday: 3/31/23 – Pizza Cultura (to be announced)

Women in Pizza is a movement that empowers women in the pizza industry to share their stories, display their talents, inspire innovations, and connect with one another and the world. Their contribution to the pizza community has been vital to the advancement of the pizza industry. The organization’s vision is to Celebrate, Engage and Inspire, to grow a social movement that gives a voice to the underrepresented female segment of pizzaioli, and to inspire more women to follow their pizza passion and join the industry. It was co-founded by Alexandra Mortati and supported by Orlando Foods. Find the group at and on Instagram @womeninpizza

In March 2021, Christy Alia of @RealCleverFood founded and launched the popular and successful #WomensPizzaMonth campaign, which encourages everyone to join in this global pizza party by dedicating pizzas to women who inspire them and using #WomensPizzaMonth to highlight various women pizza makers and bring attention to the brilliant work they are doing in the pizza world.  Follow the hashtag: #womenspizzamonth on Instagram.

The I Need Pizza Club is a social audio community that connects pizza professionals and home pizza makers from all over the world. Founded in 2021 by Michael Fox (Executive Producer @ The Beach), the club hosts live weekday audio shows on the Clubhouse app (soon to be available as a podcast) about pizza making, pizza culture, and pizza trends.

The club offers different shows for different audiences: Pizza Industry Convos (interviews with pizza industry experts), The Pizza Hustle (pop-ups, mobile/catering, new brick and mortar shops), Home Pizza Making Idea Exchange (pizza-making tips and tricks), Pizza Roundtable (pizza news of the week) and Pizza Cultura (global pizza cultural exchange).

Find the club at on Instagram and Tiktok @ineedpizzaclub and on Clubhouse

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