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Paytronix Contactless Dining lets customers keep tabs open

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Photo courtesy Paytronix Systems

A new service, Paytronix Contactless Dining, lets your restaurant guests enjoy table service by ordering multiple courses electronically, opening tabs for drinks and then finalizing the experience with a single payment and without requiring a physical interaction.

With Paytronix Contactless Dining, a guest can buy another app, add another drink or choose dessert on a whim. Payment is not processed until the end of the dining experience and there is only one charge to the credit card for the restaurant.

“In just a few months the restaurant industry has gone through remarkable change, and the challenges today are vastly different than they were just a few months ago,” said Paytronix chief executive officer Andrew Robbins. “Paytronix Contactless Dining offers table-service restaurants a dine-in solution that helps them offer a touchless guest-friendly restaurant experience. The payment experience is on the guest’s terms when they are ready to leave, and we keep payment transaction costs low with a single transaction covering both the tab and the tip.”

Contactless Dining also enables guests to open tabs and place orders in a similar flow to the pre-COVID dining experience: guests can order drinks, followed by apps, entrees, and then desserts, make special requests, and finalize the visit with a single payment, Paytronix said in a press release. Other solutions require each order to close out with a payment, thereby cluttering the ordering process for guests and increasing transaction fees for restaurants.

Contactless Dining offers an intuitive interface that provides restaurants with several options for identifying table locations, including manual customer entry and scannable QR codes. It also integrates with Apple Pay so guests have complete control over their payment options.

Photo courtesy Paytronix Systems

With the guest’s mobile device and Contactless Dining they can:

  • View menus: Guests view the latest menu options, mouth-watering images, accurate pricing and availability of items.
  • Place orders: As guests progress through their dining experience, they can add items to their cheque at any time, just like flagging down a server to ask for another helping of fries. As items are selected they are transferred to the POS and then the kitchen display service for order preparation.
  • Pay for orders: Guests have a variety of payment options including Apple Pay, eliminating the need for physical credit card handling. Plus, the guest can leave as soon as they close their cheque without waiting for servers to return to the table.

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