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NSF-approved tools help portion pizza with precision

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Portion PeeL.

Nuova Vita Corporation has developed the Portion PadL, Portion PeeL and several tools to help pizza chefs portion with precision.

The patented and patent pending Portion PadL is a cutting board and portioning guide used for cutting pizzas into equal slices. Ideal for pizza by-the-slice applications, it is custom made to your pizza size and slice applications.

Both rocker and roller knives can be used to cut pizzas using the Portion PadL, which is made from is an NSF-approved composition material.

According to the company, this equal-slice pizza cutting board reduces food waste, increases profits and improves kitchen efficiencies. Simple to use and easy to clean, it is designed to allow new employee to cut pizzas into equal slices their very first time.


The company also has developed a Portion PeeL featuring laser-etched measuring circles that are approved by health departments.

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