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Newspaper-themed U.S. pizzeria to expand to 150 locations in 2 years

Anaheim, CA – The Pizza Press, a newspaper-themed fast-casual U.S. pizza chain, will open nearly 150 restaurants in the U.S., Mexico and China by the end of 2018 and is looking to expand into Canada.

The Pizza Press, known for its high-quality ingredients, wide array of local craft beer and 1920s newspaper theme, has signed multiple franchise agreements to open units in Texas, Nevada and North Carolina, as well as China and Mexico by the end of next year. The company is also actively looking to expand into Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Canada.

In keeping with the newspaper theme, customers at The Pizza Press are invited to “publish” their own pizza by choosing from an extensive selection of fresh, high quality toppings, cheese and sauces. In addition to creating a custom pizza which is “hot off the press” in under four minutes, customers can choose from signature pizzas including The Times (extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella, chicken, grape tomato, red onion, smoked gouda, and finished with fresh cilantro and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce), The Tribune (red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, red onion, mushroom, roasted red bell peppers, sweet Italian link sausage, Kalamata olives and ricotta), The Chronicle (extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella, imported artichoke hearts, grape tomato, red onion, crimini mushroom, chevre, roasted red bell peppers, and finished with fresh basil and basil pesto), and others.

Custom pizzas may grab the headlines at The Pizza Press, but diners can also enjoy a selection of custom or grab-and-go salads and tempting desserts such as custom ice cream sandwiches, ice cream floats, tiramisu and other seasonal treats. In addition to an assortment of local craft beer, The Pizza Press also serves Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee and Virgil’s cream soda and root beer.


“The Pizza Press is a proven concept that is simple, fresh and fun,” said Dara Maleki, president and chief executive officer of the Anaheim-based company. “We’re excited about the company’s growth and know that our pizzeria franchises will be welcomed in markets throughout the United States as well as other countries. We only use high quality ingredients, a great assortment of toppings, and our selection of craft beer among build-your-own pizzerias is unmatched.”

The company plans to open 300 locations over the next three years.