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More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | New Products | Events July 17, 2014
Restaurant loyalty varies by generation, finds Technomic
Guests' intent to return and their reasons for doing so vary considerably by generation, suggests a white paper using data from Technomic.
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Minimum wages creep back to 1975 level: Statscan
A minimum wage job pays roughly the same now as it did in 1975, according to a study by Statistics Canada. CBC News reports.
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Jason Harris Canadian Pizza Show 2014

Hear expert panellist Jason Harris

Jason Harris launched two locations of Garlic Democracy, his new fast casual concept in Italian fare, in March. Jason has a focus on using technology to save costs, and had a custom cloud-based system built to report on every facet of his business in real time. He will participate in a panel that will explore where pizza is headed and ways to ensure profitability. Talk tech with Jason at the Canadian Pizza Show Oct. 27.

Panel discussion: 2:15 to 2:45 p.m.

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KFC and Pizza Hut step up efforts to go green
About 200 KFC and Pizza Hut locations across North America are going green and saving money, thanks to a New Brunswick-based franchise operator, reports CBC News.
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Canadian families visit restaurants without kids: report
Restaurant visits by families with kids declined by three per cent while adult-only traffic was flat last year, reports the NPD Group.
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Large portion sizes: bad for business?
New research suggesting a person’s memory of the last few bites of a food appears to be especially influential, says a blogger for Scientific American.
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