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More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | New Products | Events May 22, 2014
New spam law a deal breaker
Come this July, your ability to use e-mail as a marketing or fundraising tool will be significantly restricted. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) comes into effect July 1, 2014, and with it some of the world’s strictest anti-spam rules. For a better idea of how these new rules will affect your e-mail marketing campaigns to both consumers and other businesses, download the Anti-Spam Toolkit or a checklist for CASL-compliant e-mail marketing here.
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Restaurants Canada proposes youth employment measures
Restaurants Canada recently proposed to the federal finance committee the creation of a "new hires" program and changes to the employment insurance program to reduce the tax burden on new employees.
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Everything you need to know to create delicious, healthy pizza without any meat or dairy products. Vegans, rejoice, Julie Hasson has given pizza a plant-strong makeover. With a dazzling array of globally inspired toppings, pizza night will be healthier and more fun than ever before!

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Mumbai eatery delivers pizza using a drone
A pizza outlet in India recently used an unmanned drone to deliver a pizza to a customer located 1.5 km away. Francesco's Pizzeria chief executive Mikhel Rajani stressed that this was only a test flight but said he expects the method to be used routinely within a few years, ZeeNews reports.
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B.C. restaurant set to become no-tip
A restaurant owner in B.C. will soon join a handful of U.S. restaurants that have adopted a no-tipping policy, a move that could boost the set wages of servers and leave gratuity-anxious customers feeling a lot less guilty, CBC News reports.
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Go back to pizza school
The School of Italian Pizza is offering several professional courses of interest to both new and experienced pizza makers.
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