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More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | New Products | Events April 10, 2014
New law will protect personal information online
The Digital Privacy Act, introduced April 8 in Parliament, will provide new protections for Canadians when they surf the web and shop online. These changes to protect Canadians’ personal information are key elements of Digital Canada 150, the federal government’s plan for Canada’s digital future.
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Judges agree Windsor has some world-class pizza
Local pizza makers said they put Windsor on the map after finishing third last week in Las Vegas for the best pizza in the world. Windsor franchise Armando’s Pizza attended the annual International Pizza Expo for the first time and came out with impressive results.
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China pizza passion has Fonterra riding mozzarella wave
Auckland-based Fonterra plans to lift mozzarella output to 50,000 tonnes a year by September 2015. It forecasts demand for the cheese in China will gain about 20 per cent this year and next.
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Minimum wage hike will hurt small business: CFIB
The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is expressing disappointment with news that the minimum wage in Saskatchewan will increase by 20 cents, to $10.20, effective Oct. 1. According to prairie vice-president of the CFIB, Marilyn Braun-Pollon, the increase will hurt the retail and hospitality industries the most.
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Breathable pizza box lets steam rise
India-based VentIt has designed what it calls “the world’s first breathable pizza box.” The box, which is patented in more than 70 countries and was on display at Pizza Expo in March, features vents on both top and bottom.
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