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More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | New Products | Events March 13, 2014
Beefed up food sector is cutting out the fat
After a slate of plant closings and thousands of layoffs, a stronger, more efficient Canadian food manufacturing sector is emerging. More than 140 Canadian food plants have closed and 23,800 jobs have vanished since 2006, but those losses have helped the country’s biggest manufacturing employer retool to become more competitive, new research says.
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Sbarro pizza chain files for bankruptcy protection
Pizza chain Sbarro LLC has filed for bankruptcy protection for the second time in three years after struggling with too much debt and fewer customers in malls that house many of its restaurants.
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Go green with cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day
Corned beef and cabbage is about as authentically Irish as pizza. But in North America, and particularly in the U.S., it is synonymous with the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.
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Groups concerned hidden salt masks calorie reductions
A coalition of health organizations that goes under the name the Ontario Sodium Alliance has warned about the restaurant practice of adding salt as a flavour enhancer to compensate for lower-calorie menu items that have less sugar or fat.
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Cheese names prompt U.S.-Europe trade stink
As part of trade talks, the EU wants to ban the use of names like Parmesan, feta and Gorgonzola on cheese made in the United States. The argument is that the American-made cheeses are shadows of the original European varieties and cut into sales and identity of the European cheeses.
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