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Canadian Pizza
More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | New Products | Events February 13, 2014
World's hottest pizza
Brave food lovers can now attempt to eat what one U.K. restaurant says is the world's hottest pie, which comes with a health warning and is up to 120 times spicier than vindaloo curry.
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Pizza Pizza offering heart shaped veggie pie for Valentine's
For Valentine's Day, Pizza Pizza is promoting a heart shaped Veggie Delight priced at $10.99.
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How to Open a Financially Successful Pizza & Sub Restaurant

The explosive growth of the pizza and sub shops across the country has been phenomenal. Take a look at these stats: Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or about 350 slices per second.

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Ontario increasing minimum wage
The provincial government is putting a thaw on its four-year freeze of the minimum wage and proposing a change to the way future pay hikes for Ontario’s lowest-paid workers will be rolled out.
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Globe mixers get digital updates
Globe Food Equipment’s 10-quart through 60-quart planetary mixers are now equipped with digital timers and electronic controls.
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10 questions to ask if something fails
As the cliché goes, we can learn from our mistakes. And no matter how hard we try to prevent errors, they will happen. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself in order to help you learn from your customer service oversights.
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