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More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | New Products | Events June 6, 2013
Promotional DVDs smell like pizza when played
A Brazilian ad agency has built a campaign for Domino's Pizza that uses a heat-sensitive coating on rented DVDs – making them smell like freshly made pizza.
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Papa John’s apologizes for deliveryman’s racist rant
Papa John's Chairman and CEO John Schnatter apologized to a customer in Sanford, Fla., for a racist rant a Papa John's deliveryman inadvertently left on the customer's voicemail.
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CRFA’s portal to cheaper cheese
The Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association (CRFA) has launched its portal to the process for accessing the new special discount for mozzarella.
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Leveraging online outlets to drive profits
A hot topic at the International Pizza Expo in March was restaurant marketing. Hear what strategies Carmen Vogel-McCombie recommends using to make the most money.
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Topper’s to be featured on Food Network Canada
Topper’s Pizza will be featured on Food Network Canada’s “Giving You The Business,” a brand new Canadian original series where an unsuspecting employee is given the chance to become an owner of a Topper’s Pizza franchise.
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