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More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | New Products | Events May 23, 2013
NASA funds 3D pizza printer
NASA has doled out a research grant to develop a prototype 3D printer for food, so astronauts may one day enjoy 3D-printed pizza on Mars, reports
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Cheaper cheese, cheaper pizza?
The price of mozzarella cheese will be dropping for restaurants across the country next month, but customers should not be expecting to see a drop in price, reports CBC News.
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Passionate About Pizza

Canadian Pizza baking champion Diana Coutu shares some of her award winning pizza recipes, tips and techniques for the home pizza chef. Included in this volume is her personal philosophy on health, fitness and incorporating this ancient healthful ‘fast food’ into your daily diet.

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tablet Leaf’s tablet for POS transactions
Leaf launched its Leaf for Quick Serve (LQS) tablet, which features clock in/clock out capability for employees, custom or default tips, and e-mail and text receipts for convenience.
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Stop being so nice!
Don’t know how to gauge yourself with cranky, stressed out customers? Learn what Jeff Mowatt would do! He reveals what to say and what not to say to customers, and how to start off the perfect conversation.
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