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Canadian Pizza
More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | New Products | Events March 20, 2013
Olive oil tasting A lesson in olive oil tasting
Canadian Pizza got a lesson in olive oil tasting at the Corto Olive Oil Co. station of the Stanislaus booth at Pizza Expo. Put a sample container of olive oil in the palm of one hand and cover with the other hand. Warm it up to release the true scent. Be sure to slurp it when tasting to let some air into your mouth.
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Start the conversation
Joel Cohen shared dozens of great ideas for getting people to talk about your restaurant at a Pizza Expo seminar. We loved these brilliant manoeuvres: giving kids a kitchen tour, handing random roses to lady guests, celebrating irreverant ocassions like tax deadlines and having a meet-the-staff wall featuring their headshots and hobbies. Now that's how you get people talking!
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Judges From the judges' desk
Canadian Pizza publisher Christine Livingstone met pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener of Scott's Pizza Tours in New York City while judging the preliminary American pan pizza division of the International Pizza Challenge. Our Chef or the Year winners, Rocco Agostino and Rick Nixon, are competing Thursday. We'll have the results!
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Canadian Products on Display Canadian products on display
We found our Canadian friends at the Kinnikinnick booth! The company has launched a gluten-, dairy-, peanut- and nut-free frozen dough ball that comes in a 400-gram size and rolls out to two 12-inch pizza crusts.
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Community Marketing Community marketing strategies from Scott Anthony
As Scott Anthony shared in his session Tuesday afternoon, pizza karma is a ripple effect: put good things out to your community and good things will come back to you. Anthony suggests finding someone in your community to partner with and create tangible goals together that will benefit all involved.
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