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Canadian Pizza
More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | New Products | Events January 31, 2013
Pizza Hut travels back in time
Pizza Hut wants customers to reminisce, take a short trip back in time and enjoy its new hand-tossed style pizza at its original price in 1993, for only $10.
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A travel-sized wood-fired pizza oven?
An inventor in London has created the a wood-fired pizza oven that weighs only 15 pounds and is compact enough to fit in a suitcase.
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Passionate about Pizza Annex Bookstore
Passionate About Pizza

Canadian Pizza baking champion Diana Coutu shares some of her award-winning pizza recipes, tips and techniques for the home pizza chef in Passionate About Pizza.

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Commercial food waste solution system from Champion
The EnviroPure from Champion Industries uses a proprietary, all-natural bio-mix additive to break down food waste daily into safe, clean water that can be used for agricultural needs or just sent down the drain.
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Risky business: The often-overlooked kitchen exhaust duct
Restaurants need to maintain a certain level of cleanliness just to stay in business. However, all too often there's one part of the restaurant – one of the most important facets of the business – that gets overlooked: the kitchen exhaust duct.
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