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Canadian Pizza
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Canadian Pizza Business Forum Increase your slice of the pie
Are you looking to boost your sales, learn business and marketing tips, exchange information and network with pizzaiolos just like you? The Canadian Pizza Business Forum is the perfect opportunity to learn about new ideas and best business practices for your pizzeria.
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Pizza Hut gets taste for sandwiches
Pizza Hut will challenge sandwich shops with the P'Zolo, a new product with a large campaign behind it.
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Pizza & Wine:
Authentic Italian Recipes & Wine Pairings

Chef Leonardo Curti shares 65 delectable pizza recipes paired with the perfect wine to create an idyllic meal.

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Celiac experts test Domino’s crust for gluten
Using their state-of-the-art lab with strict gluten thresholds, CeliAct, makers of nutritional supplements for people with celiac disease, tested Domino’s pizzas from three major American cities to see if their crusts contained gluten.
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A secret weapon in the battle to reduce sodium
High pressure processing is emerging as a powerful weapon in the fight to reduce sodium, enabling formulators to eliminate or cut sodium-containing preservatives in prepared foods and clean up product labels, claims one expert.
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