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Canadian Pizza
More from Canadian Pizza | Marketing | Events March 1, 2012
Greco Pizza launches new pizza concept on east coast
As Greco Pizza approached a milestone anniversary, the company’s pizza experts took to the challenge of throwing out the rulebooks and creating a pizza that is completely different.
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Pizzas go modern with non-traditional toppings
MenuMonitor data has pegged pepperoni as the most frequently used protein on Canadian pizzas, and mozzarella as the top cheese choice, but other toppings are moving up in the standings.
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Court will not suspend Canada Wheat Board law
A Manitoba court cleared away some of the uncertainty surrounding Western Canada's move to an open grain market on Friday, rejecting a request to suspend a federal law that ends the Canadian Wheat Board's marketing monopoly.
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A new spin on downtown Toronto dining
L-EAT Express, the newest offering by successful caterer, restaurateur, chef and sommelier Tony Loschiavo, takes aim at discerning downtown Toronto office, condo and apartment dwellers with house-made, hand-made Italian fare.
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