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New wine aerator arrives

By Canadian Pizza   


March 26, 2010, Montreal – At this year’s Montreal Wine and Spirits Show Vinearius introduced the Decantus Wine Aerator that promises to allow consumers to savour the flavour in a whole new way.

The Decantus was designed in California. Its maker says that it is the best and most original wine aerator on the market today, permitting wine to open and breathe quickly so consumers can take advantage of the wine’s complexity.

Normally, it is only with time and exposure to the air that the wine will become more rounded. The Decantus offers a new alternative that speeds up the decanting process.

The product utilizes the Bernoulli (a Swiss scientist) effect whereby the reduced pressure of a stream of fluid (wine) draws an airflow through diagonal thin tubes inside the aerator. The “froth” produced by the Decantus has finer bubbles, giving instantaneous and smoother aeration than any other aerator on the market.


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