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Just as pizza has evolved, so too has the breadstick

Just as pizza has evolved, so too has its trusty staple sidekick – the breadstick.

dscn0934Just as pizza has evolved, so too has its trusty staple sidekick – the breadstick.

A Quebec-based company has taken the breadstick one step beyond added cheese or an accompanied dipping sauce. Aliments Gourmet Flash Foods Inc. have introduced Filled Breadsticks.

Filled with either mozzarella or cheddar nacho cheese, creamy garlic sauce or a spinach and ricotta mix in whole wheat, Filled Breadsticks provide a sharp cheese flavour and the fun of a dipping sauce, without all the leg work.


Filled Breadsticks are distributed frozen in slabs of three, two-ounce breadsticks.

“Because most pizza operators use their pizza ovens, which are typically between 480 and 500, we recommend that they slack it out in the fridge and pop it in the oven for five to six minutes,” explained Eric Walfish, director of sales and marketing.

And remaining true to the French culinary culture, the Quebec-based company suggests the breadsticks don’t need to be served too hot, that they also eat very well “tiède,” meaning tepid or warm, making them ideal for take-out service.

Typically operators are offering six sticks, two slabs of three in an order, either sit-down or take-out. Some are offering single sticks alongside a soup or salad, added Walfish.

Filled Breadsticks have a two-week shelf life in the fridge and the dough is trans-fat free and made with non-hydrogenated oils – no shortening.

“This has really perked (operators’) interest because it is something new and exciting – it gives them a story to talk about,” said Walfish.

Because most pizza operators in Canada have some sort of breadstick offering, Filled Breadsticks can be added to a menu as an alternative to build sales, or to replace an existing breadstick item.

For more information, call 450-669-6660.•

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