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New social club for cooks

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January 13, 2010, U.S. – The new website Cookwork provides a social network focused entirely and exclusively on chefs and their students, and offers a forum for cooks to find support, career information and peer networking opportunities.

With life in the food service industry often meaning long hours, missed holidays and weekends, and tremendous pressure, work becomes a lifestyle instead of a career.

So, why do chefs choose this lifestyle?

"Because they love food. There's no greater happiness for chefs then to have someone enjoy what they've prepared," says Mário Braz de Matos, Cookwork co-founder.


Cookwork was designed to fit the lifestyle needs of chefs on their terms. The site hosts a recipe database where members can store their recipes in an easily downloadable format for free. In addition, the sign up process allows members to answer specific questions to further customize their experience.

Launched in July 2009, the site was founded by Mário Braz de Matos, Francisco Loureiro and Michal Schlierer who saw a deficiency in online resources for chefs.

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