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New leave-behind chafers

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Catering is a tough enough economic challenge.

Wire chafer stands, such as this one from Skorr, can put the hostess back with her guests at a party.

Catering is a tough enough economic challenge.

In addition to the necessity of bringing in consistent business, catering itself is a fine balancing act: preparing specialized food for large groups of people, in a clean and hygienic environment, then getting it delivered on time and making sure it’s hot when it arrives, all at a price the customer is willing to pay and at which the caterer can still make a profit.

The caterer doesn’t need to add into the mix chafers that are either so expensive they must make sure they get them back, or so cheaply made they’re a risk to the caterer and customer alike.


But now some caterers have discovered an economical and safer alternative, a chafer that can both save money for the caterer and is safer for the customer. In fact, a whole new business model has been created for caterers in which they can safely and confidently leave chafer materials with a customer and still make a decent profit.

Prior to this, caterers had two choices: they could either use expensive stainless chafers, which of course had to be retrieved afterward, or setups which included flimsy wire racks. In the case of the former, it meant a second trip back to the site after the event to retrieve the chafers (which hopefully were still there and not damaged). In the case of the latter, the poorly constructed racks could fail, causing trays of hot water and heated food to tip over and creating at the least a mess, and at worst, injury or burns. Neither is a great option for a business; one wastes time and the other risks lost business, or a lawsuit.

Another safety point is that the construction of the inferior racks makes it more difficult to place fuel cans; there is the danger of catching a thumb on one of the bars of the rack while setting them under the chafing dish, dropping lit fuel and risking a fire. Skorr chafers are constructed so that such access is easy, and holders for the fuel cans ensure they’re secure.

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