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Name games

Laura Aiken   

Features Business and Operations Marketing

Reports that Pizza Hut was changing its
name to The Hut were finally put to rest with a company issued statement
clarifying that they were definitely not changing their name.

When I first read that they were now going
to be called The Hut, I didn’t post the news to the Canadian Pizza site immediately
because I thought the news media might have their wires crossed. And they did. 

While Pizza Hut has been test-marketing a
new logo and moniker of The Hut to reportedly gain appeal with the younger
generations through the shorter character speech needed for mobile marketing. Some store signs
and pizza boxes have been branded as The Hut, but they are not doing a 360
degree re-branding effort. It’s understandable that there was confusion, but
the facts really should have been checked better. It goes to show how easily
things can be misconstrued and blasted around the online world.


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