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Multi-unit menu software saves time and improves consistency for chains

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Vancouver – New software from pizza and delivery point-of-sale developer SpeedLine Solutions is designed to help restaurant chains save time and improve brand consistency by letting chains manage a master menu with local variations across multiple units and regions.

New flexibility allows a head office to push out a single menu, and go live with the correct set of menu items, toppings and condiments or flavour options, value meals, and coupons for each store and region, SpeedLine said in a press release. A new menu can be set to activate immediately, or on a specific day.

“Many of our chain clients already use the enterprise menu management and distribution capabilities built into SpeedLine point of sale,” said marketing manager Jennifer Wiebe. “But even with a master menu in place, small variations in availability, pricing – even small differences in soft drink flavours between regions or locations – sometimes made it necessary for a chain to manage a set of menus,” she said.

Multi-unit operators can now address all regional variations in availability, pricing, or coupon offers in a single menu file. Restaurant operators can also deactivate seasonal or temporarily unavailable menu items, toppings and add-ons, or coupon offers until they are needed again. That means that a chain could reactivate a successful Valentine’s Day promo, for instance, with one click. 


On top of that, menu testing is fast and thorough. A menu manager at head office can test menu revisions against sales mixes from all locations with one click. Corporate marketing and IT staff be confident that their menu pricing and promo updates will be accurate and error-free in every location, Wiebe said.

The tool also simplifies online ordering setup and testing, making errors much less likely. Because every store runs the same base menu, there is much less potential for mismatched product lookup numbers.

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