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Montreal panettone artisans in the final of the Panettone World Cup

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Montreal – Anthony Daniele and Eric Goeury, artisans with Viva panettone in Montreal, have been selected among the 24 artisans from around the world who will have the chance to present their traditional panettone in the final of the Panettone World Cup from Nov. 5-7 in Lugano, Switzerland.

“This is a great honor for us. The last edition had an Italian and two Swiss on the podium. We are the new kids on the block from Canada, so it’s very exciting,” said Anthony Daniele, who will be taking the stage to defend his recipe. “I am excited to present my panettone at the World Cup. To arrive at the original recipe we are presenting, we did over 15 tests. Considering that a panettone takes several days to make, this is a colossal effort.”

Daniele and Goeury have been working on their panettone for many years. Their secret: the ingredients are meticulously chosen and all the fruits present in their panettone have been candied using the traditional Italian method.

“I started making panettone with a Lievito madre (mother yeast) that I made with my son at home,” said Goeury. “Since then, I have met several masters and I work with a century-old Lievito madre (mother yeast) that was entrusted to me by Rolando Morandin. For me, panettone is an exceptional product that deserves attention and respect. It is tamed over time and this is what makes each bite unique. The Panettone World Cup is an opportunity to measure ourselves against the best, but above all to learn and see what is being done best in the rest of the world.”

Daniele and Goeury make their panettones in their newly built workshop which opened in October. For the first year, their goal was to produce more than 10,000 artisanal panettones.

“We have four flavours proposed for the holidays and we plan to adapt our recipes to the seasons. I hope this contest will give us the wind in our sails that we need to get our new business off to a good start. I will take advantage of every moment in Lugano with the grandmasters to learn and be inspired,” said Daniele.

Viva panettone is a Montreal-based company that specializes in making artisanal panettone.

The Panettone World Cup, which was born from an idea by pastry chef Giuseppe Piffaretti, is a biennial competition dedicated to bakery and pastry professionals from all over the world, chosen by their confederations and having undergone a regional pre-selection. For three days, the best pastry chefs in the world gather to share their love of panettone and to become the rè del panettone.

Each participant must present the jury with six traditional Milanese-style panettones, weighing between 970 g and 1030 g each (including the paper form). Only the following ingredients are allowed: wheat flour, butter, egg yolk, sugar, raisins, candied lemon, arancini, honey, vanilla. Dry yeast and other finished products are prohibited.

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