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Many Canadians want portable, fresh snacks

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Nearly half of Canadian who buy better-for-you snacks feel that it is healthier to snack throughout the day than to eat three large meals, according to new research from data firm Mintel.

Many of those people believe it’s important to always keep healthy snacks on hand.

The research also suggests half of Canadians would like to see more healthy snacks packaged for eating on the go. They’d like to see more healthy snacks packaged for eating on the go. Many are interested in snack-sized portions of regular foods.

According to Mintel’s research, fresh and less processed snacks are coming out on top as fresh fruit and vegetables are the top better-for-you snack of choice, followed by cheese, nuts  and popcorn. Consumers are most likely to say they would like to see more products made from fresh ingredients.


About one-third of consumers – especially younger snackers aged 18-34 – say they eat meat snacks. Men aged 18-34 are keen to see more snack bars made with meat.

One-third of consumers are interested in snacks made with plant-based protein, especially women aged 18-34.

But many Canadians are also concerned about health claims, believing that many snacks marketed as healthy are not actually healthy and feeling confused about whether or not a snack is healthy.

Restaurants focused on fresh ingredients may want to take note of the following trend:

“Many consumers today have difficulty determining the healthfulness of snacks and hold a general distrust of claims on food and beverage packaging. This may be drawing them toward choosing fresh and less processed snacks, rather than processed and/or packaged ones. Marketers can boost perceptions of healthfulness of their products by highlighting whole and/or fresh ingredients the products include and featuring clear packaging to both showcase the ingredients and offer transparency,” said Carol Wong-Li, associate director of lifestyles and leisure reports at Mintel.

The full report is available here.

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