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LycoRed Sante salt-enhancer

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july27lycoredsantebjJuly 27, 2011, Isreal – LycoRed Sante is a patented, natural tomato
concentrate designed to enhance taste without artificial flavours or
flavour enhancers.

Sante can be used for salt taste enhancement and reduction of expensive,
flavour components in food products. In many cases, Sante can be used
to reduce the amount of salt added to a product.

"The current 'back to basics' trend encourages food manufacturers to
minimize the number of ingredients, reduce sodium and avoid E-numbers in
the European market, while making it as tasty as ever," explains Ehud
Zach, food applications manager at LycoRed. "The good news is that, in
some cases, you can save up to 10 to 20 per cent of product cost just by
replacing expensive ingredients, while at the same time reducing sodium
and enable a clean label."

LycoRed Sante is available in liquid form or as a free-flowing powder
and can improve flavour profiles without expensive ingredients such as
butter and cheese. It is heat resistant, stable at almost all pHs, and
is suitable for ambient, frozen, baked, cooked and fried products.


LycoRed Sante can be mixed directly into dough or food mixes, applied as a seasoning, dusted on or even applied with a brush.

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