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LT Rack Sentry introduces rack protection product

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August 12, 2009, OH – Protecting
pallet racks in cold rooms or freezers is
newly possible with LT Rack Sentry, a reformulation of the energy absorbing rack protectors pioneered by Sentry
Protection Products that is specifically engineered to absorb collision impacts
in colder environments. 

Rack Sentry
LT makes the troublesome steel protectors used in many cold storage
environments obsolete, and provides a low-cost virtually zero maintenance way
to protect racks, inventory, lift trucks and workers operating in cold room or
freezer room environments from collision damages.

Jim Ryan, general manager of Sentry Protection Products explains in a news release: “Rack Sentry has
changed rack pallet upright protection for worldwide plants, warehouses, retailers,
wholesalers, distribution centers and hospitals, among others.  Before Rack Sentry was introduced, the only
method used to protect racks involved using steel protectors bolted to floors,
which more often than not damaged floors when there were collision
impacts, sometimes irreparably. The
unique composite materials in the original Rack Sentry effectively absorb
impacts and return to shape again and again without damage.  However, use of Rack Sentry was limited to
normal temperature environments where the energy absorbing formulation retained
this ability to return to shape. Now,
after considerable research and testing, Rack Sentry LT has been developed to
work in colder environments without becoming brittle or losing

Rack Sentry


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