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Légal hot sauce gives taste of Brazil

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Légal is a new brand of hot sauce made using the Brazilian native malagueta pepper.

The sauce is made from a special recipe that incorporates the Brazilian malagueta pepper, which has been passed down for generations, said a press release from Légal, which is owned by Homer Foods LLC and based in Hollywood, Fla.

“We’re really looking to spice up the hot sauce market with our unique taste,” said Gabriela Neves, co-founder.

The malagueta pepper, discovered by the Portuguese while exploring modern-day Brazil, is the key ingredient in Légal Hot Sauce. The pepper has been used for thousands of years by the natives for medicinal purposes and has also been considered a sign of good luck.


The name “Légal” means “cool” in Portuguese and conveys the carefree lifestyle of the Brazilian people, coupled with their spice and zest for fun.

According to co-founder Michael Fernandez, “Légal really does combine the spiciness of two worlds, hot sauce and Brazil, and goes well with almost any dish.”

Légal Hot Sauce is available wholesale. Restaurants can contact brand manager Jose Chacon to request an order.

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