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LEAF to launch sustainable food service professional certificate program

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Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice is launching an online sustainability program geared to individuals, corporations and culinary and hospitality schools.

Co-developed by LEAF and The Next Course, the Sustainable Foodservice Professional (SFP) program will provide inspiring e-learning experiences on best practices in ‘future-proof’ sustainability principles across all aspects of food service and hospitality operations and management.

The course features experts and leaders in the culinary and sustainability industries. It is intended to help individuals, from culinary/hospitality students to industry professionals, to add in-demand, strategic skills and enhance their career prospects.

Topics include the foundations of a sustainable food-service operation, how to reduce your personal and professional environmental impact, how to rise to the top of the hiring pool and skills that will save businesses money in reduced energy, water and waste.


The organization is completing the pilot in November and planning to launch early 2021. For more information, visit the LEAF website.

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