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Knorr launches ‘planet-friendlier’ pizza to promote lowering pizza’s carbon footprint

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Rotterdam, Netherlands – Knorr has launched Plizza, a frozen pizza made using plant-based ingredients to highlight how ingredients can be substituted to make pizza more sustainable.

Knorr developed the Plizza to show how easy it is to make delicious swaps in everyday meals that can decrease foods’ negative impact on the planet while increasing its positive impact on health. Currently, our food system is a key contributor to climate change, species loss, water scarcity, and soil loss and damage, the company said in a press release.

Three-quarters of the global food supply is made up of just 12 plant and five animal species, making the food system fragile to the potential impacts of diseases, pests, and climate change.

Knorr argues that eating a wider variety of plant-based foods helps safeguard the future of food while providing more nutrients and reducing the use of the planet’s resources.


The recipe becomes a Plizza with three simple swaps including making the dough with whole-grain spelt flour, adding a Knorr flavoured sauce made with sustainably sourced ingredients paired with soil-enriching, high-fibre beans and replacing the toppings with nutrient-packed veggies such as fast-growing spinach and self-sowing watercress.

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