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It’s Pizza Community Week!

Staff at Ken Hoose's Domino's fanchise in St. Thomas, Ont., staged a daylong fundraiser to raise money for a co-worker fighting cancer. All told, 1,450 pies went out and $26,000 was raised. Photo courtesy Ken Hoose

Simcoe, Ont. – Next week is Pizza Community Week at, where we’ll celebrate pizzerias and Italian restaurants that are making a difference through their generosity, creativity and hard work!

If you’re a pizzeria in Canada, it’s a safe bet you are helping out your community – through financial donations to charities, sponsorship of teams, gift certificates for charity events, taking your pizza to the masses at community events, or any other act of goodwill.

Operators have impressed us over the years with their big hearts and creative ways of reaching out to those in need and getting to know their customers.

Their efforts are documented in profiles of fine folks like TJ’s Pizza in Melfort, Sask.; The Pizza Mill in Salisbury, N.B.; Zolas Restaurant in Ottawa, Ont.; and Amadio’s Pizza in Port Credit, Ont., and in articles like Creative for the Cause and Three pizzerias give back to their communities.


Let us know what you’re up to in your community and we’ll share your efforts with readers during Pizza Community Week. We want to hear YOUR stories!

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