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How much does pizza delivery cost?

By The Wall Street Journal   


pizzacompareIn these tough economic times, a leading frozen-pizza maker is urging
consumers to study the numbers. Its pizzas are far cheaper than
equivalent delivery pizzas, says Kraft Foods’ DiGiorno. The delivery
companies counter that the comparison is, to mix food metaphors, one of
apples to oranges.






In television ads that started airing in August, DiGiorno says that
delivery pizzas cost an average of $16.13, and then displays an
equation: Delivery Pizza – Delivery = $6.69, or the average cost of a
DiGiorno pie. (Solving for x, that means delivery costs $9.44.) A Kraft
Foods spokeswoman explained that the numbers are based on July prices
for a medium supreme pizza, plus delivery, from Pizza Hut, Domino’s and
Papa John’s, in 10 major markets. These prices excluded promotions, as
did the DiGiorno price, which was from the same markets.



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