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Honest feedback: From the Editor’s Desk

Colleen Cross   

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Some people will give you their opinion whether you ask for it or not. This may take the form of an earful about the state of the country or the trials of running a small business. It may take the form of a fair – or not so fair – online review.

Asking for an opinion can open the floodgates. It can also help you tap into the mind of an important asset – your return customer. And if you’ve been following Facebook’s tribulations in the news lately, you’ll know that information is a precious commodity.

There are lots of people who by nature keep their opinions to themselves. They need to be asked. This is low-key Canada, after all. But most people appreciate being asked what they think – even if they choose not to answer.

Being consulted can make a customer feel heard, valued and motivated to be part of your business’ story. My husband and I were recently made to feel special by a new local bakery we like. On one visit, the owner, no doubt recognizing us from frequent stop-ins, stepped away from the ovens to say hello. When he noticed my husband was buying a new hot-cross bun the baker was trying out, he asked what we look for in this product and how we typically eat it. He encouraged us to come back and let him know if we liked it.


This simple conversation went beyond the usual pleasantries. The baker asked our opinion with sincerity – even vulnerability. We gave our two cents’ worth and now feel more connected than ever to the business and rooting for its success.

How often do you have a real conversation with a customer that goes beyond small talk to connect to your pizza and your services?

Asking for feedback – and truly listening – can put you on the path to improving your image and your sales.

On that note, we here at Canadian Pizza want honest feedback from YOU – about our magazine and about your business.

We are excited to launch our first national survey of Canadian pizzeria operators. It’s a 10-minute online survey and you can take part by visiting this page. Your response will be anonymous and your participation will help us fill the magazine with useful, entertaining content. It will also give us a benchmark for the Canadian pizza industry of same-store sales, average cheque, costs and other key information that will help you see how you stack up with other pizzerias. Those who participate will be entered into a draw to win a $100 Visa gift card.

The results of this survey and of a special millennial consumer pizza poll Abacus Data is carrying out in partnership with us will be previewed at the Canadian Pizza Summit on Monday, Oct. 15. You heard that right! Consider yourself officially invited to a day of business education, product perusing, networking, watching the exciting Chef of the Year competitions and sampling delicious pizza. It’s our treat and our way of connecting you with the pizza community. Watch our website and enews for event updates.

One last way we are looking for feedback from you is through our new Weekly Operator Poll. The poll covers a wide range of topics and is updated weekly. Have your say with a couple of clicks and view results from past surveys. It’s a fun way for all of us to stay connected!

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