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Hobart’s new Legacy+ heavy-duty mixers have up to 30% more mixing capacity

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Commercial food equipment manufacturer Hobart’s new Legacy+ maximum heavy-duty mixers provide as much as 30 per cent more mixing capacity in the same-sized bowl.

The mixers feature the exclusive PLUS System — a powerful combination of three technologies.

VFDadvantage variable frequency drive delivers more power to the bowl to incorporate and develop ingredients, while also safeguarding the motor from overheating if the operator exceeds the rated capacity. It ensures convenient, efficient speed changes while the mixer is operating. There is no need to stop and restart the machine. VFDadvantage provides a soft-start function that gradually delivers power to the mixer as it increases speed to prevent ingredient splash-out and protect the motor. It also has an ultra-slow stir speed that allows ingredients to be mixed slowly and thoroughly. On the 80- and 140-quart mixers, VFDadvantage allows for the new FastStop feature — the ability to bring all moving parts to a complete stop in three seconds.

The Legacy+ mixers feature maximum-capacity overheat protection, including heavy-duty wiring and connections that can handle more power, resulting in higher production and reducing thermal cycling impact.


A reinforced planetary shaft system drives additional power to the bowl by way of an optimized shaft geometry and all-gear-driven transmission for high-capacity output.

The mixers are available in eight sizes, ranging from 12- to 140-quart, and include four mixing speeds, along with a SmartTimer feature that counts time up and down to help operators when they are creating new recipes.

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