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‘Happy staff’ among B.C. association priorities

Vancouver, B.C. – The BC Restaurant & Food Services Association has identified local ingredients, new types of cuisine and happy staff as its priorities for 2018.

“In BC, we have more than 2.7 million restaurant visitors every day, and true hospitality is in providing unique food experiences for diners when they choose to join us for food, beverage, and good company,” said Ian Tostenson, BCRFA president and chief executive officer, in a news release.

The association described its priorities:

1. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is made. There is increased interest in local agriculture, house made specialties, onsite brewing, and local beer and spirits. The Buy BC: Eat Drink Local campaign, with its first month-long dining promotion taking place in May 2018 will feature B.C. food and beverage on menus around the province.


2. Culinary leaders will look to introduce new foods and species to consumers. British Columbian restaurateurs and Chefs are looking to spread the nose-to-tail concept into a broader trend of reducing food waste and adding root-to-stem, the association said. Expect to see a new abundance of new cuts of fresh vegetables, meat and fish on menus. As the home base of Ocean Wise, the province also may highlight seafood.

3. Staff happiness will top the list of restaurateur concerns. Operators will strengthen hiring practices to recruit and retain top people to meet the demand for culinary tourism, the association said. To support this trend, the BCRFA is hosting a forum on Jan. 16, 2018, for industry professionals to discuss restaurants, chefs, and the province’s place in the food world. Details of the forum are available through the BCRFA site.