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Happy New Year! 10 notable features from 2019

Colleen Cross   

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Where did 2019 go? It was an exciting year for Canadian Pizza with forays into podcasting, a special digital edition and the chance to talk with some of the most interesting and successful chefs and owner-operators in Canada! Here we look back on some of the features from 2019:

 Chef of the Year: Giuseppe Cortinovis

Giuseppe Cortinovis, last year’s Chef of the Year (Traditional) talks dough experimentation, world pizza trends and the importance of learning.

Cheese on top or cheese on the bottom?

Do you build your pizzas with the cheese on the top of the toppings, or do you put the cheese on the bottom, meaning, underneath the toppings? What’s the difference? Is there a difference? Pizza Chef columnist Diana Cline dives in to this rich topic.

Meet the Deans! Chef of the Year, Dean Litster

Dean Litster, our Chef of the Year (Open), started his working life like so many young people do, working in a pizzeria. This talented chef’s story will make you feel so good about the Canadian pizza industry – an industry full of opportunity and heart!

Montreal’s pizza scene

Montreal, renowned for its creativity and cultural diversity, is now home to a growing number of pizzerias for all tastes. Mathieu Fortin takes a closer look at different styles of pizza available along with restaurants in this culturally rich city that have made their mark.

Five ways to bring in extra revenue: Making dough with Diane

Diane Chiasson has has seen many, many pizzerias. Our Making Dough with Diane columnist has another great list for you: quick techniques to increase your pizzeria sales!

About the Pizza: Digital Edition

In the fall we brought you some pizza love in the form of a special digital edition of the magazine that serves as a virtual tour of pizza kitchens across Canada!

Pondering third-party

Third-party delivery is a favourite with many urban customers, but is it right for your pizzeria? This fall we looked at this growing trend from several angles – benefits and pitfalls – with important insights from Chris Elliott of Restaurants Canada. One thing’s for sure: we’ve not heard the last of this topic.

True to his roots: Q-and-A with Massimo Capra

Celebrated chef Massimo Capra talks simplicity, seasonality and day-to-day operations in a special Q-and-A with Canadian Pizza magazine. It was an honour to talk with this talented chef and connoisseur at his restaurant, Capra’s Kitchen. Read this expanded online version of the profile that appeared in our November/December issue.

Kindness in the form of pizza

Alimo’s Pizzeria, a 15-year-old family-run pizzeria in Slave Lake, a town of about 7,000 people northwest of Edmonton, took an order mix-up and turned it into a feel-good campaign. The most viral pizza story we’ve seen in a while. Enjoy . . . and take a page from Alimo’s marketing manual!

How to make your pizzeria stand out in a local web search

In December were joined by marketing pro Michelle Brisebois for a podcast discussing why it’s important for your business to rate high in a local web search, common mistakes and missed opportunities, and tips for ranking higher in a search. So much good information for pizzerias packed into a quarter of an hour: well worth a listen!

Coming up in 2020!

2020 promises to be even more exciting as Canadian Pizza magazine is celebrates its 25th year of publication! We pull out all the stops to bring you lots of goodies:

  • A new website – talk a look around and use the drop-down MENU to view the website at a glance!
  • A new look to the magazine!
  • A digital edition focusing on dough innovation!
  • More informative podcasts!
  • Our annual Canadian Pizza Summit on Oct. 19 – save the date!
  • More surprises!
  • Stay tuned!

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