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Hamilton, Halifax, Ottawa top cities for pizza orders: Just Eat

Toronto – Halifax, Hamilton and Ottawa are the top cities in Canada for pizza orders through the Just Eat delivery service, the company said in a news release.

“Halifax leads the land in paying homage to the pie,” said Aaron Davis, marketing director for Just Eat Canada. “Nearly 47 per cent of their total Just Eat orders are for pizza delivery. Second in devotion to the crust, is Ottawa with 32 per cent. And, a close third is Hamilton, with 26 per cent of JUST EAT’s orders for cheesy, delicious pizza.”

According to Just Eat, Canada’s Top 10 pizza cities are:

  1. Halifax (47 per cent)
  2. Ottawa (32 per cent)
  3. Hamilton (26 per cent)
  4. Kitchener-Waterloo (24 per cent)
  5. London (16 per cent)
  6. Kingston (16 per cent)
  7. Vancouver (16 per cent)
  8. Guelph (15 per cent)
  9. Montreal (13 per cent)
  10. Toronto (10 per cent)

Davis says that Halifax customers prefer simple cheese pizza. Ottawa customers favour the pepperoni, bacon and mushroom-laden Canadian. The unique shawarma pizza featuring chicken and olives is Hamilton’s favourite. Toronto customers are most likely to pick veggie pizzas when ordering in. The most popular pizza topping combination in Canada is the classic meat-lovers pizza, he said.


Growing trends in toppings include grilled chicken, gorgonzola and spinach. Crust-wise, most Canadians (90 per cent) order what it calls the classic crust. Seven per cent order deep-dish pizza, two per cent order thick-crust or wood-fired pizzas, and a small percentage of Canadians (0.05) order whole-wheat dough. the company said.