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Greco Pizza holds ‘Pizza Roulette’ hot-sauce challenge for Halloween

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Truro, N.S. – Atlantic Canadian pizza chain Greco Pizza has partnered with Maritime Madness to heat things up this Halloween season with the launch of Pizza Roulette.

Grinner’s Food Systems’ director of marketing and ecommerce, Catherine Coughlan, said, “This year, we are launching for the Halloween season a spicy twist to your favourite Greco pizza.”

When ordering a pizza, customers could choose to play Pizza Roulette and one slice was injected with one of Maritime’s Madness hottest hot sauces, the Giv’er Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. The catch – customers did not know which slice it is.

The special was available at Greco Pizza and Greco Pizza Xpress locations in Atlantic Canada and Ontario, where pizza lovers could place their order online from Oct. 11-31 and choose to play Pizza Roulette on any medium, large or party pizza. The staff at the pizzeria randomly picked one of the slices of the pizza and injected Giv’er Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce under the toppings of that slice.


Amiel Leblanc, President of Maritime Madness said, “Giv’er is one of the hottest hot sauces in our collection and for those that love hot sauce; it is one of our most popular.

Each Pizza Roulette pizza comes with a warning sticker on the pizza box as Ghost Peppers are among the hottest in the world. Pizza Roulette is not recommended for children under 13, or for persons with sensitivities to spicy foods or hot peppers.

“Partnering with local companies is important to us and Maritime Madness, located in Prince Edward Island, makes some of the best sauces we have ever tasted”, said Don Moore, president of Grinner’s Food Systems. The first Greco restaurant opened in 1977 and today there are over 110 locations in Atlantic Canada.

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