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Greco Pizza and Capt. Submarine opens in Florenceville, N.B.

Florenceville, N.B. – Greco Pizza and Capt. Submarine has opened a new store in Florenceville, N.B.

“We chose to go with Greco when considering adding to our convenience store because of their strong reputation in the area and the wide variety of quality meal options it allows us to offer our customers,” said Richard Orser, owner of the new Florenceville Greco Pizza/Capt. Submarine, in a news release.

Greco Pizza is known for its donairs, which contain meat prepared in the company’s federally inspected meat plant located in Moncton, the release said. The meat in a Greco Pizza Donair is made with 100 per cent beef (with no lamb) and contains no meat byproducts. 

The chain’s first location opened almost 40 years ago. Today there are more than 100 outlets operating in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Quebec.


“We’re pleased to be partnering with Mr. Orser to open a Greco Pizza/Captain Submarine location in the beautiful Town of Florenceville,” said Don Moore, executive vice-president of Grinners Food Systems Limited, franchisor of Greco Pizza. “We can think of no better place than the scenic shores of the Saint John River to open our newest Greco Pizza/Capt. Sub location.”

Greco Pizza is also known for its pizza and garlic fingers, which feature asiago and mozzarella cheeses.

Capt. Submarine is Atlantic Canada’s original sandwich shop. Founded in Prince Edward Island in 1972, Capt. Submarine has been making delicious sandwiches for Atlantic Canadians using only the freshest ingredients for more than 40 years, the release said.

“We are excited to be able to offer our popular 310-30-30 service at all of our locations, including Florenceville. Now anyone in Canada can dial the seven-digit number and be connected to the Greco Pizza location closest to them. Even in provinces that have moved to the 10-digit telephone number system, 310-30-30 will still work,” Moore said.

Grinners Food Systems Limited, based out of Truro, Nova Scotia, is one of the largest franchising systems in Atlantic Canada. More than 150 of its restaurant brands operate in Atlantic Canada.