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Futurex offers remote key solution for POS terminals

Laura Aiken   

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Feb. 6,
2009, TX – Futurex is pleased to announce that the Futurex Excrypt KMS9000 key
management server supports the scalability required for major Point of Sale
(POS) manufacturers as well as Encryption Service Organizations (ESO).

Excrypt KMS9000 provides a full range of encryption key
management functions including key generation, distribution, injection,
deletion and tracking. This product solution securely injects encryption keys into the
PIN Encryption Device (PED) of POS terminals over a secure IP network. In
addition, it uses the
ExcryptTM UI, the industry’s first, universal interface to host transaction processing software used in the financial
transaction security for POS networks. The Excrypt KMS9000
also ANSI x509, FIPS
140-2 Level 3 and Visa PCI-DSS compliant.   


With the
Futurex Excrypt KMS9000, retailers can
strengthen the security of their Point of Sale (POS) terminals and ensure that
sensitive credit and debit card information isn’t compromised. This gives
the retailer the ability to conduct a secure way to inject
encryption keys into POS terminals over a secure IP network. This greatly
reduces the costs from having to send each one of their POS terminals to an
off-site secure room to inject encryption keys.

encryption keys are frequently required when retail merchants need greater
flexibility in working with their financial processing, or reset and/or upgrade
a terminal. Due to Futurex’s innovative design and technology of the Excrypt
KMS9000, Hypercom’s HRKS has been able to eliminate the need for off-site
secure room key injections by incorporating a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
to securely distribute symmetric Triple DES keys and exchange any type of data,
whether it be a transaction or an encryption key.

always been the goal of Futurex to create a more secure key injection solution
to help customers save time and money, and deliver the peace of mind that comes
from a security design based on ANSI and Visa industry standards for remote key
management,” says Brett Smith, CEO and president of Futurex.

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